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Online Boating Course Overview

Our comprehensive online course will provide essential information on important topics to help you prepare for the online Transport Canada Boating Safety Test for the Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC). 

This online course may be taken from any internet enabled computer and can be paused and returned to at any time. There is a minimum time requirement for each module. You must view the slide modules for the required amount of time before being permitted to move onto the next module and complete the course.


Module One:

Getting Your Boat Ready

  • Competency

  • Vessel Restrictions

  • Pleasure Craft Licences

  • Who Has The Authority?

  • Module One: Summary & Quiz

Anchor 1
  • Personal Safety Equipment

  • Vessel Safety Equipment

  • Navigation Equipment

  • Module Two: Summary & Quiz

Module Two:

Keeping You And Your Boat Safe

Anchor 2

Module Three:

Getting Ready

To Sail

  • Planning and Preparation Before You Sail

  • Before You Sail

  • Understanding Legal Requirements

  • Module Three: Summary & Quiz

  • Safe and Considerate Operation

  • The Rules Of Safe Navigation

  • Safe Navigation

  • Module Four: Summary & Quiz

Module Four:

Following The Rules Of

The Water

Anchor 3
Anchor 4

Module Five:

Preventing And Responding To Emergencies

  • Common Causes of Boating Incidents

  • Carbon Monoxide Danger

  • Using Fuel-Burning Appliances

  • Your Responsibility In Emergencies

  • Responding to Emergencies

  • Module Five: Summary & Quiz

Anchor 5
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